Beautiful Skin But How? - Skin Protection

 Beautiful skin but how? - Skin protection

If someone asks what is the most important quality of a beautiful face, the simple answer is healthy skin; without which a beautiful face cannot be imagined. No matter how charming and bright your complexion is. 

If there are nail shadows on the skin or they have withered due to your carelessness, then all the other qualities will fade away. So if you want to look attractive, first of all, pay attention to the protection and cleanliness of your skin.

Before you know how to protect your skin, you need to know what kind of texture your skin has, ie smooth, dry or normal. It is also important to protect the skin in terms of texture. There are also three types of skin in terms of texture.

Smooth skin

This is a type of skin on which greasy or oily skin is often seen.

Beneath this skin are the cells from which oil comes out all the time which comes on the skin. This is the natural mood of this skin which cannot be changed, however with proper measures its damages can be avoided. The oil that comes out from the bottom accumulates on the face and becomes acne. Therefore, one should try not to allow oil to accumulate on the skin. For this purpose, the face should be washed five times a day with good soap.

Washing with a basin is also helpful. A good cleansing lotion or aftershave can also be used to cleanse the face, which reduces facial blemishes. We cannot change such skin, but we can take precautions to reduce it. Egg white mask is also very useful for oily skin. The method of which is to separate the egg white and paint it and clean the face thoroughly and apply it on the face and lie down comfortably.

After ten to fifteen minutes, wash your face with fresh water. Wear a mask and avoid talking, otherwise wrinkles may appear on the face.

Dry skin

This is the skin that we need external help to soften and soften, that is, we have to apply a cream or lotion to provide the required moisture and grease for the face, because this skin loses internal grease and moisture.

It also has the advantage that it does not have acne at all, but due to its dryness, it looks rough which is very harmful for the skin. The more water is applied on such skin, the more harmful it is because it causes dryness. As the water dries out from the sun and wind, the skin becomes more and more dry. Especially in winter, such skin needs to be very careful.

The lips of those who have such skin are often chapped and the lines are also visible in the skin of the hands. It is useful to moisten the dry skin and apply a cold cream or lotion on it which traps moisture in the skin. Moisturizers are also made according to the same principle which retains the moisture of the face for a long time. For those with dry skin, Abton's massage and olive oil mask in egg yolk are very useful.

Such skin should be washed sparingly and cleansing lotion is more useful for its cleansing.

Moderate skin

As the name suggests, this skin is neither oily nor dry enough to become rough. Such skin is very good to withstand all seasons, but one should also try to maintain a mild skin tone. Assuming that such skin does not need protection and cleansing, you may lose the natural qualities of your skin.

Cucumber mask is useful for such skin. This skin should be protected from excessive dust so that it stays moist for a long time.

Mention of facial protection is incomplete without make-up as most women do not consider their preparation complete without make-up. And sometimes due to lack of resources or ignorance they put on so much make-up which eventually causes severe damage to their skin. Delivers

The important thing is that make-up should not be done all the time so that the face does not feel fresh at any time. Secondly, non-standard make-up products are very harmful to the skin, which makes the skin lose its luster very quickly. Efforts should be made to minimize make-up and use only standard items.

It should also be noted that make-up should not be worn outside the home for display, as it is strictly forbidden in Islam to display feminine beauty in front of non-men.

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