Dark Spots Treatment and Precautions - Articles for Women

Dark Spots Treatment and Precautions - Articles for Women

Tips and Treatments for Removing Dark Spots Dark spots are a common problem for both men and women. Here we will talk specifically about the symptoms of dark spots on the face and ways to prevent dark spots as you Easily understood as "facial color spots" which means the presence of different colored spots on the unequal face of the skin.

This is mainly due to the increase in the pigment called melanin which determines the color of the skin of the body. Genetics also plays an important role in creating dark spots on the face but exposure to UV rays and sunlight causes dark spots. There are a number of reasons. As you grow older, dark circles develop as you grow older. Melanin levels increase with age.

There are four causes of dark spots.


Clothing is not a problem for men but clothes for women can create dark spots on their body. May change to Men and women can itch their skin if they wear tight clothes and they will create black spots on the skin.

Facial Hair Removal:

This condition is common in most women who try different techniques to remove the hair from the face. They indirectly hurt the inner surface of the skin and cause dark spots on the face. Women use different creams. They use tweezers or wax but breaking the hair from its roots and using chemicals causes inflammation in the skin which causes skin problems.

Hormonal changes:

Hormonal changes mainly occur during puberty or in the case of women during pregnancy. This thing changes the rate of chemicals in the body and creates an imbalance in it. For some people these hormonal changes affect them. Styles do not occur, but for some people they may appear as black spots.

The Meal:

Maintaining a balanced diet has good effects on health and skin, but overeating has unhealthy effects, such as eating lemons, which contain plant substances that react to photosynthesis when exposed to sunlight. Similarly, if you put some fruit juice in your hand and then expose it to sunlight, it will burn the skin and cause discoloration.

Tips to get rid of dark spots on the face:

1. Make a cream-like paste containing saffron, tomato, turmeric and milk. Apply this paste every day for 15 minutes.

2. Cabbage can also be helpful in reducing dark spots. Just apply cabbage as a mask on the face.

3. Lemon is not for dark spots but when mixed with aloe vera its effect is different.

Mix a few drops of lemon in aloe vera and apply it as a face pack. It gives better results.

4. Apply potato paste on the black spot and leave it for one to two hours. It also has a good effect.

5. Eating carrots daily can also help reduce dark spots and circles.

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