Face Waxing - How Harmless, How Safe - Skin Protection

Face Waxing - How Harmless, How Safe - Skin Protection

Sometimes congenital and sometimes the hormonal system deteriorates and small hairs appear on the face. The first solution to this problem is to consult an experienced doctor so that it does not grow back, but the hair that has grown out is lost. It is also important to do this because women get waxed or bleached. For women who get waxed most often, twice a month or twice a month, or from themselves, it is harmful. Must be aware


First of all, you should get waxed by an authentic and experienced beauty expert and do not seek the services of any new or foreign beauty expert until people have assured you of his work and skills.

Facial skin is soft and sensitive and waxing can start wrinkling very quickly.

Waxing affects the facial hair follicles and can cause swelling, blemishes and infections on the face.

If the hair is short then bleaching is better.

If the hair is very thick then laser hair loss or cleaning would be good.

You can learn to wax and wax your arms and legs at home but it is better for you not to touch the face yourself as facial waxing requires special skills which include heat through wax, quality and quantity of wax strips. Must take care of

If your skin is extremely sensitive, be sure to consult your beautician before getting waxed, otherwise the skin will turn red and there may be an infection.

Both bleaching and waxing cannot be done in one day, wax treatment should be taken first and not bleached later. If you have difficulty in deciding, the beauty expert will advise you according to the structure of the hair and which one is best for you. The method will be much better.

Usually after waxing, waxing lotion or face serum is not applied in parlors. If you tell them that they can offer this service, therefore, good, authentic and better services for any facial and skin care. It is best to contact performing parlors.

After waxing, try not to face direct sunlight or do any work while standing in the kitchen in front of the gas. In half an hour and a half, the skin returns to its original state. Even if it is itchy, it gets better.

Repeated waxing is also harmful to health. It is advisable to get waxed once or twice a month.

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