For A Beautiful, Attractive And Youthful Face - Skin Protection

For a beautiful, attractive and youthful face - skin protection

If you think this face oil is unnecessary for women with oily skin, especially for acne and pimple skin, then it is also harmful to health, but many internationally renowned beauty experts reject this idea. Meanwhile, British actress Body Camp Bell and American singer Jennifer Hudson are using face oil daily despite having sensitive skin and complexion.

In this way, their skin looks radiant and healthy. In addition, showbiz world personalities around the world use face oil exclusively at the age of 40 and 50 years. As fashion clothes come out in a new way. Yes, there are also products that change for the betterment of beauty. Nowadays, oil based products are being promoted, among them, fee oil is at the top of the list.

Benefits of Face Oil

In addition to keeping the skin clear, it also provides moisture and protects against premature aging. It also protects against shadows. Various types have been introduced such as moisturizing oil, anti-aging oil, cleansing oil. And pre-shave oil and so on.

If your skin is oily;

The choice of barley seed oil or grape seed oil will be better for you.

Juba oil is light. After using it, air passes to the deeper layers of the skin and does not block the air to the cells. It controls the unnecessary oil and moisture of the face of girls with oily skin. Grape seed oil is also good for sensitive and oily skin, as it contains a chemical called astringent.

Helps to shrink skin cells. Skin pores are not always open so there is no risk of dust contamination. Can oil free moisturizer and face oil be used one after the other? Skin Care Specialist App If you have an oil-free moisturizer, take the nutrients present in it to the facial cells and apply face oil on it for a long time so that this oil can be applied to the facial skin cells, says Rowley. Help shrink and retain moisture for a long time.

If your skin is dry;

You should apply almond or marmalade oil. Marula is an energy fruit and is being added to beauty products all over the world. Almond face oil moisturizes dry skin. It also protects against eczema, dermatitis and feet. It contains Vitamin A which keeps the skin soft and supple. Marula Face Oil is an oil that is immediately absorbed into the skin.

In addition to natural moisture, it also provides various fatty acids to the skin. Using it makes your skin look younger.

If your skin is grainy;

Pomegranate or Rosehip face oil will be suitable for you. Pomegranate face oil has antibacterial properties and also relieves inflammation and itching at the site of grains.

It is also mild and the skin does not look oily after applying it. This pomegranate oil also has the added benefit of eliminating the effects of aging. Rose hip oil is also considered to be most suitable for grainy skin. Moisturizes the inner layers of the skin and lightens acne scars. The skin is also clear.

If your skin is mixed;

Argan Oil or Retinol Oil will be best for you.

Organ oil contains vitamin E. In addition, its antioxidants remove blemishes on the skin of the face. It can be used at any time in the morning or at night. Antinol Oil (Retinol Oil) It is better to use it at night.

Aloe vera if you have sensitive skin

Moringa or Sohanjana oil or aloe vera oil may be the best and suitable choice for you. The fatty acids in it keep the sensitive skin away from dangers and keep it moist.

Simple application of Gheekwar or Aloe Vera is also beneficial and it is an oil with antiseptic benefits which is no less than a power for young girls with sensitive skin. These oils are also available in good stores in Pakistan if you also have wrinkles. If you want a clean and glowing skin, then buy it according to your skin's condition and use it in the required amount as per the instructions given.

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