Mask - The Next Step In Facials - New Styles Of Beauty

 Mask - The Next Step In Facials - New Styles Of Beauty

In the past, women made various efforts to keep their skin and hair strong and young for a long time, including wearing different types of masks. In today's modern life, their importance is still there and in the cosmetic industry Masks are available in ready-made form with the help of various fruits, flowers and liqueurs for skin health and beauty.

They are prepared for different skin types, but if you make your own fresh masks at home, they are more effective than preserved lotions and creams. For example, what would you do if your skin is oily?

Add a teaspoon of honey, an egg white and apply on face and neck, after seven or eight minutes wash with plain water or a teaspoon of yeast, a teaspoon of sugar, mixed with half a cup of milk and cover in a warm place. ۔

  • Pea and bean mask

Grind the peas and cut the beans into small pieces and dry them in a shady place. Make a paste of them and close it in a glass bottle. When it is done, mix a few drops of rose water and use it as a mask.

  • Various fresh fruit masks

Fruit masks for all seasons can be made yourself, whether it's watermelon season or stress fruits are available, take their pulp and apply it.

The skin will also shine, the pores will be closed and the face will be refreshed due to the increase in blood circulation.

  • Dry skin mask

Mix one tablespoon of olive oil with two tablespoons of fresh cream and apply it on the face for a while and then clean the face with cotton pads soaked in lukewarm water. One tablespoon, honey, fifteen drops of sangria juice, Make a mask by mixing a tablespoon of Fillers Earth with a little rose water.

Leave it on for a while then wash it off. The corn flakes mask used for breakfast also gives very good results. Mix a small amount of olive oil or fresh cream and leave it on the face for ten minutes then wash it off.

  • Seaweed mask

The shocking results of the cosmetics that are added to the seaweed are felt by all, as they breathe life into the dull skin and it is believed that nature has bestowed upon man the treasures of its blessings and Nothing in the world works for no reason, these herbs are also a moisturizing treatment and are considered to be the best mask to protect the delicate tissues around the eyes.

It provides minerals and salts to the skin to prevent wrinkles and also improves blood circulation.

If you want, choose them in the form of cosmetics or if there is a blessing like the sea, bring fresh herbs home and teach them in the shade, grind them into powder and make a mask by mixing them with the oils of different oils or rings. Such a moisturizing cream. Use that includes these herbs.

  • Acne mask

Acne prone skin is sensitive, so it needs a special mask made from eucalyptus cloves and sandalwood, as they are also antiseptic and can be used to treat infections. Can also be applied to the arms.

  • Protein mask

Masks made from natural proteins and sandalwood powder cleans the skin deeply and also provide moisture to the skin.

  • Turmeric as a specialist

Turmeric is also called a disinfectant and also a plant ingredient. Its use protects against infections both internally and externally. In case of injury, feeding a mixture of milk and turmeric heals the wound. A few drops of lemon turmeric By mixing in, the skin can be cleansed in a natural way. If chlorine is available, then by mixing two drops of turmeric in chlorine, the dull skin can be rejuvenated and energized.

  • Amla Sika Kai, Retha and Henna Mask

The best treatment for hair is possible with herbal ingredients. Amla, Sika Kai, Bile Retha, Grind and make a powder with henna. These herbal ingredients cleanse the skin deeply and remove dead cells, maintain the moisture content and the hair. Also the best mask for.

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