Neck Protection

 Neck Protection

Women who want to maintain their beauty should pay full attention to their neck as well as their face so that your beauty looks more attractive. But unfortunately women clean their faces daily but towards the neck. No attention is paid which makes the black marks on the neck appear clearer and with age the lines on the neck become more prominent and then they cannot be hidden even with make-up so daily attention of the neck I think daily nutrition and safety is as important as the face.

The neck plays a very important role in deciding the beauty of any woman.

Long and slender necks are considered to be the most suitable for body proportions. If the neck is not cared for properly, it can lead to the following defects.

There is a clear change in the color of the neck compared to the face and the two colors look different.

Too much flesh climbs over the neck and it swells.

Dryness appears on the skin of the neck.

No need to worry if you notice any of the above flaws on your neck. You can fix all these flaws at home.

A mixture of basin, raw milk and a pinch of turmeric powder.

Yogurt and basin mixture and ratio of two.

A mixture of raw milk, oatmeal and a few drops of lime juice.

Basin, a few rose petals, a little sandalwood powder and cream paste. And get in the habit of washing.

Make sure to apply a cleansing country vapor on the neck once a week. This is a good way to make the neck bright and beautiful.

There are other ways to make the neck look bright, beautiful and attractive, for example, make a lotion by mixing a few drops of glycerin, water and lime juice and fill it in a small bottle. This lotion before going to bed at night. Get a little on the neck.

Put a pinch of salt in raw milk and apply it on the neck twice a day with the help of cotton wool. Meet at night while sleeping and wash it off in the morning.


Bleach the neck twice a month. This process is very beneficial. Mix one teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide, two teaspoons of bleaching powder and a few drops of ammonia.

Apply this paste on the neck and then wash it off after 15 minutes and then massage it with cold cream. Be careful not to use it if you feel burning sensation on the neck after applying the paste.

How to remove wrinkles from the neck

To remove wrinkles from the neck, you should massage the neck before bathing. Clean the neck thoroughly before massaging so that the excess fat in the neck dissolves.

Olive oil is very useful for massaging. High quality skin cream can also be used for this purpose. When massaging, move your fingers from bottom to top. Do not use too much pressure.

Neck exercises

Exercise is very important to beautify the neck, especially for women who have two chins or a thick neck.

It is not necessary to spend a lot of time for exercise. You can make your neck beautiful by spending a little time. You can make your neck more beautiful by following the following exercises.

Take a two meter long stick and place it on your shoulders. Raise your hands and try to touch the stick with your chin by twisting your neck on both sides.

Tie both hands on the back of the head and then bend the neck backwards. Do this 25 times.

Lie on a high level and hang your head down. Now raise your head and touch your chest with it. Repeat this process 20 times.

Stand up straight and turn your head to the right so that the right shoulder is visible. Now place your right hand in the middle of the neck and massage. Bring the neck to a normal position and now do the same exercise in the direction of the left hand.

Make Up

If the make-up is done properly, the neck will look beautiful.

If your neck is short, tie your hair above the head to the roots. Women with short necks should not wear a sherwani cut blouse, but they should wear either a V-shape or an open blouse. Presenting effectively is also an art and if you take the above methods seriously you will always be one step ahead of others.

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