Prevent Hair Loss with Yoga - Exercise

 Prevent Hair Loss with Yoga - Exercise

Hair loss, dryness, premature graying and scalp disease are some of the problems that almost every other person faces for which women change shampoos in addition to medicines. The main causes of the problem are imbalanced hormones, indigestion, eating and sleeping disorders, depression, tension and long-term use of a drug.

If only shampoos are changed without removing them, significant results will not be achieved.

Yoga can be a great help in improving the health system. In just a few months, you will feel your hair thicker, shiny and longer than before.

Baldness or light hair can be relieved. This special exercise of yoga is called Malayalam yoga.


Bend the fingers of your hands inwards and start rubbing the nails of both hands together.

Do this exercise continuously for 1 to 2 minutes and do it standing or sitting as many times as you can in a day. This simple exercise for a month in a row can restore the health of the hair. Hair growth will increase. How can rubbing hands make a difference in hair growth? There are very interesting facts behind it. In fact, the toxins in the human body are related to our nails.

Toxins usually accumulate in the nails of the body and the same secret lies in cutting the enlarged nails by which we separate the toxins from the body. Therefore, rubbing the nails cleanses the body from toxic densities and consequently the skin Helps to heal nails and hair.

Shoulder Stand

Another exercise is to get rid of hair problems.

The method is to lie down straight and lift the legs straight up, including the elbows, and hold the elbows with the hands. In this position, a strong rush of blood will immediately flow to the head and irrigate the head to promote hair growth. Improves immediately. However, the practice of serving Astana should be done under the supervision of a specialist yoga therapist, however, you can achieve these results even if you just lie down and straighten your legs.

One to two minutes of sitting on two knees can also improve hair growth. The method is to sit on the floor with a yoga mat lying on your feet with two knees, aligning the back and neck and Sit for one to two minutes. This is the only yoga posture that can be done immediately after eating. The advantage of this posture is that the blood pressure in the lower part of the body is lower and in the upper part due to the bent legs. This posture not only improves the digestive system but also irrigates the head, face and hair.


Along with yoga, take care of your diet, get enough sleep, stay away from tension, do not use excessive chemicals on hair, massage with oil at least once a week.

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