Skin And Facial Beauty - Skin Protection

 Skin And Facial Beauty - Skin Protection

Skin is an important part of the body. Healthy skin makes you look attractive and attractive. An example of skin can be given with plaster. If so, a passerby will not get a good impression when he sees it. The same is true of your skin. If your skin is clean, then everyone will be drawn towards you automatically.

Most of the women in our country do not put any special effort and attention to maintain and enhance their health and beauty. When children are born after marriage, then they do not pay any attention to their health and beauty and think that after becoming a mother, they should not care much about their health and should just do the housework.

Laziness, uselessness and laziness are the things that make a person useless. In our country, women are more prone to laziness than men. That is why their youth ends within thirty years and a few children. 

After becoming a mother, old age is imposed on her face and body. Do you know the reason for this? If considered, some social and psychological reasons will also come to light.

First of all, after giving birth to two children after marriage, a woman is satisfied that she has got permanent protection and her husband has to live with her for the rest of his life no matter what the circumstances.

As if the protection and care of the body was necessary only before marriage. When the marriage took place, the children started playing in the house, then the woman began to consider beauty and hygiene as useless.

However, the reality is the opposite. A man's desire, love and fascination can only be maintained if he always sees beauty, attractiveness, health and cleanliness in his life partner. Otherwise, he should not be indifferent to his life partner. 

The stubborn and stale personality of the wife will give birth to a thief inside her and she will be looking for the things that she can desire with her life partner at home outside the four walls of the house.

This is a legitimate right of a man and a very reasonable demand from his wife. Women who do not take care of these things and do not try to be as attractive and beautiful as possible in the eyes of their husbands, their life becomes a hotbed of bitterness and anxiety. Is.

It is important to review your diet and make appropriate adjustments to enhance your beauty and attractiveness.

Remember that diet has a deep connection with beauty and health. Pay attention to your diet along with light exercise. Eating spicy foods is harmful to your health. Eat light spicy and light salty foods. Don't eat too much meat. Excessive consumption of fish, poultry, eggs, etc., increases the amount of waste products in the blood which appear in the form of grains on the skin.

Consumption of vegetables is perfect for your health and beauty. Drinking fruit juice and vegetable soup is very useful for skin beauty and complexion. Take any vegetable according to the season and peel and cut it. Put a little butter in it and cook on low heat for ten minutes. During cooking, add water in it and add salt, ground black pepper and a little sugar.

When the mixture boils, take it off and drink it warm.

In addition to appetizing and digesting food, tomatoes also cleanse the blood and cleanse the skin. Tomatoes contain vitamins A, B and C, which cause good blood flow to the body and brighten the face and eyes. Tomatoes are as red in themselves as they are red in color.

Here are some helpful tips that will make your skin and face attractive.

Beauty lotion

To whiten the complexion, prepare a beauty lotion in the following way. This beauty lotion is very useful for removing facial scars, acne and nails. Filter the lemons with a fine cloth and get 50 grams.

Now fill it with 50 grams of rose liqueur and 50 grams of glycerin in a well-mixed bottle. Apply this lotion on the face at night and wash it off with water in the morning. Its use brightens the complexion and softens the skin like silk.

Skin beauty

Use vitamins B and C to beautify the skin, such as spinach, cauliflower, potatoes, turnips, beets, tomatoes, sugar cane, apples, grapefruit, all pulses and green leafy vegetables.

Dry skin

If the skin is dry, use vegetable juices, milk, yogurt, butter, peas, raw vegetables and fresh fruits. Foods rich in vitamin A are useful for dry skin. For example, green onions, turnips, spinach, carrots, apricots, peaches. Etc.

Smooth skin

If the skin is very oily, eat less chicken foods. Do not use sweets at all.

Use fruit juices instead of sweets. Sangria karts is especially effective for brightening skin tone. Women with oily skin should use uncooked flour bread and use raw vegetable salad with every meal.

Yellow skin

Yellow skin is a sign of anemia. To make up for the lack of blood in the body, use foods that are high in iron, such as spinach, turnips, liver, egg yolks and apples.

Steel is an important component of blood.

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