Take Care Of Your Feet In The Winter

 Take Care Of Your Feet In The Winter 

Undoubtedly, soft and graceful feet give a person four moons of personality. On the contrary, if they are not taken care of, they look very ugly. It is said that if one has to judge one's personality, one should look at his feet. The feet reveal many secrets of personality, so where the beauty of the face and hands is taken care of, the feet should not be overlooked at all.

No matter what the weather is, the feet first affect the feet, especially the heels. The skin first accepts the effects of the weather. Not only in cold weather but also in hot weather, the skin of the feet often cracks. Mix it well and keep it in a clean bottle. 

Apply this solution on the feet daily at night while sleeping. In a few days, cracked skin will heal. Take hot water in a small tub to remove foot fatigue and ugliness. Mix a little salt in it and keep your feet dipped in it for 0 to 2 minutes, then clean it with a towel and apply any cream. Doing this will make the feet soft and attractive. If there are cut marks on the skin of the feet, apply warm oil and socks and wear socks. 

Massage with light hot mustard oil also cleanses the feet. Wearing shoes gives off a strange odor on the feet. To get rid of this, make dry powder of neem leaves and sprinkle it on the shoes or feet daily. The odor will not come. People who perform Wudhu 5 times.

Walk barefoot on the grass for 10 minutes after morning prayers. Wash and use socks daily. Also keep shoes in the sun. Then sprinkle talcum powder and use it. Mix four tablespoons and a tablespoon of lemon juice in a bottle and massage it daily on these spots and wash your feet after a while. In a week, the feet will be healed. 

Usually, the presence of moisture in the feet usually leads to fungal infections. After washing the feet, clean the middle part of the toes thoroughly to get rid of the skin between the toes which turns white and causes pain along with scratching so that moisture does not remain and the feet after coming out. Wash them thoroughly so that the dust and sweat around them will be well cleaned and the feet will look soft and supple.

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